What administrative costs are deducted from my donation?

Absolutely none! Unlike other charity organisations who deduct money from your donations for administrative costs, NCF does not deduct any costs. All administrative costs are personally borne by the central committee of the NCF.


Can I make a one-off donation?

Yes. You can choose to make a one-off donation. This can be done via direct deposit into the NCF accounts shown below. You may also make one-off donations through the Direct Debit Form.


What is done with the information on my Sponsorship Form and does it remain confidential?

Your Sponsorship Form is completed purely for administrative purposes. The information will help us to contact you and communicate details of your sponsorships. All details are subject to the privacy laws of NSW and will not be disclosed to any person outside the NCF Central Committee.


Is my donation automatically tax deductible?

No… not at the moment. Please contact us if you need your donation to be tax deductible.


How do I pay my donation?

There are 4 easy ways for you to pay your donation: by Direct Debit; Cheque; Deposit into an NCF Account; or Directly to an NCF Representative.

For one-off deposits into an NCF bank account:

Account Name:     Coptic Orthodox Church – Needy Christian Fund
Bank:                     Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
BSB:                      062 199
Account Number:  10128130

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