Orphan Assistance Program

NCF provides regular contributions to assist with the daily running of orphanages across Egypt, while NCF does not take direct responsibility for the operation of such establishments.The program also involves sponsoring of individual orphans by monthly contributions which are directed to the medical, educational, physical and social development of the child.

General Assistance Program

This involves working with:
Families in Need: offers a regular monthly assistance allowance to families with no or low income. The living allowance goes towards providing nutrition, medical care, and children education.
It also offers special medical care assistance to people who suffer from terminal or chronic conditions who need regular prescribed medication.

Caring for the Disabled

There are various initiatives run for the disabled. NCF offers a regular monthly living allowance for people with severe disabilities to cover living and medical expenses. For people who suffer less severe disabilities NCF offers special education and training programs in areas such as woodwork, arts and craft to assist them in integrating with mainstream society and to live a normal life.

School girls